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Full Service Video Production Services

Full Video Production
Full Video Production
Toto Film Production is a Full Service Professional company, CGI, Animation, Multi-Cam, Web Streaming, Editing, Live Event Production Company. Specializing in Social Media, Live Event Production, Motion Pictures, Documentary, Seminars, Music Videos, Broadcast Sports, Infomercials, Promotional Videos, and Instructional Videos.



Green Screen
Green Screen studio
Not got the budget to shut Times Square for your film shoot? Not a problem, our green screen services can get you to New York at a fraction of the cost. Green screen can remove obstacles and create stunning opportunities for your film, company story or motion graphic project. The applications of this production tool are limitless.



Video Editing
Toto Film Production offers a prompt, high quality and professional editing service.

With the choice of editing on our Avid Adrenaline suite or with Avid Liquid/ Adobe Premier we have the facilities to complete television broadcast standard programming with our expert editors available 24 hours a day.



3D Animation
3D Animation company
Toto Film offers 2D and 3D Animation services. We combine technology and talent to make your graphics project shine. In a world full of visual messages, something has to make your work stand out. Let us help you achieve the look you want. Animation gives life to your ideas and to your brand. 

Animation can illustrate your products and services simply and easily.

Video Explainer
Video Explainer company
Most people aren't familiar with the brain science behind explainer videos, which happens to be the secret sauce of why they work so well.

Explainer videos are so effective because they combine audio and visual stimulus to explain a concept in a simple and understandable way. Instead of just providing text or audio, they use both, which is proven to increase message retention.

Visual Effects
Visual Effects company
Visual effects allow filmmakers to create breathtaking imaginary universes and achieve stunts that would be impossible to film in the real world-but visual effects aren't exclusive to blockbuster feature films. Filmmakers also use subtle visual effects in more grounded films in order to tell their stories more effectively. The addition of visual effects is mostly completed during post-production.

Why choose us?

Our company has had the privilege of working with some of the best minds in the industry and our extensive experience allows us to give clients the freedom of unlimited creativity.

Our strict work ethic and adherence to set structure is derived from a love for narrative film. For this reason, our commercial work has many of the same characteristics and stunning aesthetic qualities as film. Our works have been on primetime TV. and garnered over a dozen major festival awards worldwide. This is why TotoFilm's creative decision are trusted by major institutions and corporations from around the globe.

01. Our rates are competitive
Our rates are competitive among video production companies, and there are no hidden fees.
02. In-depth business
We bring you in-depth business and training knowledge that can make your videos more effective.
03. Top-notch
We ONLY use top-notch, highly experienced, professional, and creative crew members, technicians, and artists. This is not true of most of our competition. We also have specialty crews for live events, medical topics, manufacturing, etc.
04. Reliable service
You'll get exceptional and reliable service, and we will always give our all to give you a pleasant, satisfying experience, every time.

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